Crowlers Are Safe for Air Travel

What is a Crowler? Crowlers are can form. Some breweries now offer the 32oz cans as a way to take your favorite fresh from the tap beer on the go. The cans are lighter and more portable than glass growlers and keep your beer tasty for 4 or more weeks. But can you fly with it? Yes you can! With the right...

Make the most of your new Chase Sapphire Reserve

It's here!
The new Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card is the biggest news in travel this year. In exchange for a hefty $450 annual fee (not waived the first year) you will receive at least $2,100 in free travel via the 100,000 ultimate reward point sign up bonus, $300 in travel credits per calendar year, and numerous other perks. Make the most...

Tips for Getting Offered a Credit Card Retention Bonus

I just received my first ever credit card retention bonus! It's on my American Express Premier Rewards Gold (fancy talk for their mid-tier offering) card for a $50 statement credit now and another $50 statement credit if I charge $500 to the card in the next 60 days. Wait What's a Retention Bonus? But enough about me. A retention bonus is when a...

Views and Brews in Alaska

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In Hot Pursuit of Heady Topper

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