What is a Crowler?

Crowlers are growlers…in can form. Some breweries now offer the 32oz cans as a way to take your favorite fresh from the tap beer on the go. The cans are lighter and more portable than glass growlers and keep your beer tasty for 4 or more weeks.

A Colorado Beer Soaks Up The Sun In Australia

But can you fly with it?

Yes you can! With the right preparation crowlers can travel in your checked bag with no problems. First, look at the seal between the can and the lid and make sure no beer is leaking out. Next, wrap your crowler in bubble wrap or roll it in clothes. Ziploc bag optional. Lastly place it in your checked bag – bags fly free on Southwest and on other airlines with status or their credit card.

Put your crowler in the fridge when you get to your destination and enjoy! I’ve traveled with about 10 different crowlers and have never had a problem besides minor bumps and dents.